Enabling investment into Conservation, the Environment and Communities at scale.


Working across a wide variety of the conservation, natural and built asset sectors, we create, and partner with others who are creating innovative, investable projects. These projects are specifically structured to deliver quality returns for investors, local communities and the environment at large.

Environmental Finance

We want to change the conversation about nature. We work to stop natural asset spend being seen as an expense. Instead, it should be seen as an investment, as we receive multiple benefits that far outweigh this spend (pollination, climate regulation, clean water, health and wellbeing to name a few).

Using our collective skills, we create solutions for natural and built asset projects that will tackle environmental and social challenges, whilst delivering fair financial returns. This enables investors to easily migrate from existing market investments to achieve equivalent returns and a triple bottom line (financial, social and environmental).-
Environmental Finance was established with a vision where society better uses its natural assets and resources, sharing them equitably within local economies to support thriving, healthy, and sustainable communities.-


We work with a wide range of stakeholders from public, private and third sector organisations to unlock new revenue streams, in order to deliver scalable financing solutions for natural assets.

Our core focus on natural environment finance models include:

Conservation/biodiversity finance •
Woodland/commercial forestry •
Parks/greenspaces •
Water •


We work with new and existing enterprises to deliver and enhance built infrastructure. We design models to benefit local communities whilst meeting environmental and financial objectives.

Our core focus on built environment finance models include:

• Green infrastructure
• Agriculture/food/fisheries
• Waste management/recycling/ the circular economy
• Energy
• Transport/infrastructure
• Housing


Environmental Finance provides a bespoke service based around four key pillars in creating new solutions and working to help partners create and scale their projects.

1. Define timeframes and objectives

We listen and work to understand your target outcomes and objectives, addressing the target impact and time frames of the project.

2. Plan, develop and originate project

We work with you to identify key stakeholders, develop a delivery plan and procure delivery partners.

3. Structure, model and analyse financing options

We take into account stakeholders, project objectives and risk profile
and work through the legal structuring and vehicle choice for project delivery.

4. Raise capital, deploy and project execution

We aim to align capital to project objectives and partner values and can act as principal or project manager to achieve successful project delivery.


We bring together teams that can create solutions making environmental, economic and local sense.



Richard SpeakRich conceived and founded Environmental Finance. Rich worked for over ten years in cross border mergers and acquisitions, where amongst other things he completed a number of transactions in large scale European solar.  In 2012, Rich set up two social enterprises in grass roots sport, and redirected his career into Social Investment, linking financial returns with improving social outcomes, and joined the UK’s leading social advisory firm Social Finance in 2013. As a Director at Social Finance, Rich raised the first ever £10m Social Solar Bond aimed at reducing fuel poverty in the UK using solar technology, as well as completing over 15 other transactions involving over £35m of social investment. Rich is a Chartered Accountant and holds a LLB (Hons) in law, and is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Securities and Investments. Rich is passionate about conservation and is a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.



Craig HumphreyCraig is a founding team member of Environmental Finance. Craig and Rich previously worked together at Pall Mall Capital, an international corporate finance boutique where Craig undertook a wide range of projects in the energy and industrials sectors including a number of early solar transactions in continental Europe, financing industrial scale ground mount parks across Germany and Italy as well as thin film and panel manufacturers in Germany. He also helped to create a business in Wales using sheep’s wool to provide a natural alternative for home insulation products. Craig is an MBA alumni from London Business School and previously was Pall Mall Capital’s COO and FCA reporting officer. Craig owns a sheep farm with his brother in his home, New Zealand. Craig is passionate about sustainable food production, ethical farming and the circular economy. He would like to continue to find new ways to turn waste or undervalued bi-products from these industries into valuable assets.

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