Environmental Finance identifies and designs financing mechanisms for projects working towards sustaining and enhancing the natural and built environments.


We work with a wide range of stakeholders from public, private and third sector organisations to unlock new revenue streams to deliver scalable financing solutions for natural assets.

Our core focus on natural environment finance models include:

• Conservation/biodiversity finance
• Woodland/commercial forestry
• Parks/greenspaces
• Water


We work with new and existing enterprises to deliver and enhance built infrastructure. We design models to benefit local communities whilst meeting environmental and financial objectives.

Our core focus on built environment finance models include:

• Green infrastructure
• Agriculture/food/fisheries
• Waste management/recycling/ the circular economy
• Energy
• Transport/infrastructure
• Housing


Environmental Finance provides a bespoke service based around four key processes to develop new solutions and work in partnership to create and scale projects.

1. Define timeframes and objectives

1. Define timeframes and objectives

Listen and understand:

  • Target outcomes and objectives
  • Acceptable risk profile
  • Target environmental & social impact
  • Timeline to deliver project


2. Plan, develop and originate project

2. Plan, develop and originate project

Work to:

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Assess policy risks
  • Develop a delivery plan
  • Collect key project data
  • Identify financing needs and limitations
  • Originate project and procure delivery partners



3. Structure, model and analyse financing options

3. Structure, model and analyse financing options

Design the financing structure by:

  • Considering the needs of stakeholders, project objectives and risk profile
  • Structuring the project vehicle for project delivery
  • Producing cashflow models and sensitivity analysis
  • Selecting optimum funding route to maximise impact



4. Raise capital, deploy and project execution

4. Raise capital, deploy and project execution

Raise capital and execute project by:

  • Identifying and securing appropriate sources of capital to meet project objectives
  • Designing financing instruments
  • Implementing fundraising strategy and product distribution
  • Acting as principal or project manager
  • Providing logistical support
  • Monitoring impact


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