Environmental Finance creates partnerships with leading conservation organisations to design innovative methods of generating investment into conservation of the environment, in the UK and globally.

  • Investment advisor to develop RSPB’s conservation investment programme in the UK and internationally, advising on the strategy, project development, and financing for a range of conservation and core operational projects, including:
    • the delivery of a multi-function wetland for community scale flood defence;
    • a new ownership and financial structure for farmland; and
    • new practices for conservation management.
  • Advised and raised finance for the development and implementation of a UK-wide renewable energy portfolio to unlock long-term sustainable revenue / savings, and achieve carbon reduction targets.

  • In partnership with Vivid Economics, EF developed a Strategic Case and Business Case for a £50m blended natural capital impact fund, with the aim of catalysing private investment into the natural environment to supplement public funding.
  • Developed a preferred finance model and identified a pipeline of near-market opportunities for revenue-generating projects.
  • Highlighted options for pump priming the project pipeline and the role and structure of a technical assistance facility.
  • Identified key commercial, financial and management aspects of the business case.

  • Scoped sustainable financing mechanisms for Marine Protected Areas (“MPAs”) in North Devon.
  • Identified potentially investable projects which could support MPAs, including:
    • fisheries;
    • tourism;
    • aggregates / navigation;
    • blue carbon;
    • biodiversity;
    • water quality; and
    • aquaculture enterprise.
  • Designed financing models for channelling investment into the different projects and made recommendations regarding local and national level policy changes which would facilitate the monetisation of MPA ecosystem services.

  • Commissioned by the GMCA, in partnership with Eftec and Countryscape, to develop the first Natural Capital Investment Plan for Greater Manchester, aiming to provide an early example of how existing and new sources of funding and finance can be realised for natural capital initiatives.
  • Established a pipeline of priority projects and outlined financing mechanisms and capacity required to deliver opportunities.

  • Investment advisor to the National Trust in developing and testing a “Parks Trust” model: a new operating model for long term management and sustainable funding for parks, in which parks and green spaces are transferred to a Charitable Trust and managed by a new social enterprise.
  • Launching the model in Newcastle in 2019.
  • Advising on the creation of c.£60m of new social and environmental investment products for parks.

  • Advised on the development of a £1m impact loan investment fund targeting community-led innovative agricultural and food production enterprises.
  • Led financial modelling and sensitivity analysis of a blended loan portfolio development and runoff phases.
  • Structured loan delivery programme and resource requirements for efficient capital deployment.

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